HTC Desire 10 Pro Repair



HTC Desire 10 Pro Screen Repair &


HTC Desire 10 Pro Screen Repair can be

Done with proper technical Skills. Screen 

Repair Mostly Happens  due to Physical

accidents like Dropping the phone down or

even inside the water.  Most of the models 

these days  comes with a Combo of both 

Touch and display, so its very difficult to

replace only your Touch even though your

display is working fine.



HTC Desire 10 Pro Water Damage

One of the Complicated problems, Because

water can cause all damages including HTC

Display. Without any doubt Kindly Visit

HTC Service Center Near you as

soon as possible to avoid further

problems. Our HTC Techinicans will help

you to remove the water and dry it up for

some time so that they can make

sure the fault is little.When you do

not bring up the phone on time,

it may lead to major issues like mother board

compaint, Network Problems and IC failures.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Charging Port Repair 

HTC Charging Port Replacement Can be

donein an Hours time, It is very irriatting

when your phone is not Charging up, we got

the solutionof replacing a new one with a

minimum warranty of upto six months. It is

also advisable to useonly HTC chargers to

avoid these kind of prolems. HTC Products

are very suitable for long time usages and

it is really depend on how we use it.


HTC Desire 10 Pro Software Problem

All Smartphone Operating Systems are

designed and coded accordinly to perform all

the orders by the users.But some

time what happens is that the OS

might get Corrupted due to third party

applicatons which can harm your OS.

Most of the cases you can Factory Data

Reset your HTC , other cases you

got to reformat the Complete OS and

we are Expert in doing that we can help

your OS perform the same way before.

HTC Desire 10 Pro

Mic/Speaker Replacements

Majorly because of dust,water,sweat

and outside pollution your ear speaker

or Mic or even the outer speaker

might not work properly, not only

the above reasons it might happen

for various other reasons too. HTC

Mic/Speaker replacements are

properly done and checked clearly

before delivering it to the customers

so they dont find the same fault again.


HTC Desire 10 Pro Repair

Other Damages includes Volume Button,

Power Button Replacements, Data Back up,

Data Recover Missing Screws, Sim slot

issues,Touch Sensitivity, Proximity

Sensor Replacements, Wifi

issues, Head phone jack

problems and more.





HTC Service Center in Chennai

HTC Mobile Service Center in Chennai Covers almost all the Problems related with your HTC. We are here to help you Rejuvenate your HTC smart phones. Most of the repairs undertaken or finsihed on the same day, in some cases it might take a day or two. HTC Service Centre Understands the importance of Customer Requirements and delivers accordingly.for more doubts and details you can always call our HTC service Care or visit our Branch in Velachery.